And we're back...

hello! i'm well aware i hadn't updated the site since, maybe october? or something like that. this layout is the first layout i've had up since september- that i know for a fact. i digress. i'm back! with a shocking amount of updates. i hope you all enjoy what the site has to offer! i also hope you ejoy the new look. this layout was made by the amazing ajey <3 her layouts never disappoint. i started over with affies because most of them were no longer active. comment the cbox if you'd like to be affies again! thank you. - luarr


Welcome! If you're curious as to what this domain is used for, I completely understand. This is a resource website used specifically for geared towards other aspiring graphic. I make resources that many others can utilize on websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and DeviantArt. All of the content on this website was completely and entirely made by the website's owner, Luarr, unless specifically stated otherwise. Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and always be sure to comment the CBox to request to become affiliates. Thank you for visiting! Add me on Facebook for updates.